Auditory Stimulation

Center yourself in a comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Get some water for yourself to drink and whatever else you need to feel comfortable, like pillows, blankets, pets, and tea. Listen to these meditations and take as much time as you need with yourself afterwards to come back to the present moment. These meditations provide exercises in consciousness for you. The Inner Child Healing meditation is a regression back to childhood to make sure your inner child feels safe, secure and comfortable within your current incarnation. The Golden Sun meditation fills your entire being with golden light and sparkles, shining and clearing your aura, etheric body and your chakras all at once. Please enjoy these meditations in peace. The Sexual Healing affirmations help heal your relationship to sex and sexuality after sexual assault and trauma. I created this intro for a longer podcast series that I never published, but it’s such a great explanation of who I am and what I do that I had to share it. You can still get 40 Days And 40 Nights Of Spiritual Healing For Hoes, via my FREE e-book AND my YouTube series, the 40 Days And 40 Nights Spiritual Detox Challenge. While I kept it a secret at the time, I filmed this series to help me heal from so many pressures and stresses associated with my work in the industry and it was the precursor to the healing work for hoes that I’m doing now.

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