Reiki I & II Certification Classes Are Closed Until 2020!

Heaven On earth reiki classes are geared towards sex workers, adult entertainer and Those with experience in the sex trade.

Healing is our birthright as human beings born on earth.

if you’re interested in activating your healing gifts and helping others do the same, keep reading.

Learn how to use reiki energy healing to have better experiences with your clients, make more money with less effort AND create a whole new stream of income with your own spiritually based business, healing yourself while healing others and helping uplift the energy of the entire planet. In my 10 year adult industry career as a stripper, escort, film talent, fetish artist, cam girl and sensual masseuse, I used spiritual healing techniques without even knowing it and now I am certified reiki master teaching the first and second levels of certification to my reiki students in these classes which are designed for and customized to the needs of sex workers, who come into contact with massive amounts of energy while doing our work. If you’re already a natural at making people feel great, why not take it to the next level? There are classes upcoming that are ready for you to join!

This class will equip you with an understanding of your role as a holistic healing practitioner, along with the skills you need to take care of yourself while you're healing yourself and others, and certifications in reiki levels I and II which allow you to practice reiki on yourself and others both in person and at a distance. Participants will leave with the ability to confidently practice my unique brand of Heaven On Earth Reiki energy healing on themselves and others both personally and professionally.

The Heaven On Earth Reiki system is uniquely designed for adult industry entertainers to increase an aura of beauty and glamour, master sexual/personal energy, neutralize shame and heal from sexual assault and trauma.

This reiki deviates from other forms of reiki in that it is specifically anti-colonial and prioritizes a practice that incorporates our own indigenous spiritual traditions. Islam and pre-Islamic spiritual practice is the basis for my spiritual work. My lineage is Palestinian and European born and living on occupied Turtle Island practicing spiritual healing arts for the sovereignty of my soul. All Heaven On Earth Reiki students sign an oath to use their powers to end all forms of oppression including spiritual oppression.

Stay Tuned For 2020 Tour Dates And Online Class Info!