Heaven On Earth: Holistic Healing for Hoes

The Heaven On Earth Workshop is designed to reinforce the belief that sex workers are sacred and that the work we do to heal others benefits everyone, centering the needs of sex working LGBTQ people of color but open to all. All are welcome at this community based workshop so that no one has to out themselves as a sex worker in order to participate.

Participants leave this workshop with a greater understanding of their own innate healing abilities as well as an arsenal of self healing techniques that can be practiced at any time to invoke relaxation, balanced emotions, a clear mind and steady actions. Sex industry workers are healers and as such we need ways of healing ourselves and investing in our healing. We help others heal from trauma, abuse, neglect and more through the valuable services we provide. We may not be able to seek out mental health or spiritual wellness services because of stigma, lack of access, shame or other barriers to support, but there are limitless self healing practices we can engage in. Practicing self healing modalities helps because we don’t need anyone else to heal ourselves and we can practice them at any time. In this workshop I teach some of these modalities like: EFT (tapping or emotional freedom therapy), meditation, yoga, crystal therapy, smoke clearing, body scanning, creative expression and more. The workshop ends with an opportunity for the participants to ask questions and offer their own tried and true methods of spiritual practice and self healing techniques.

ABOUT ME: Amira Barakat al-Baladi is a u.s. born Palestinian Princess dedicated to freeing the hearts, minds and lands of all. She creates content and offers services that tune her clients in to their higher selves and all fragmented aspects of themselves. Her workshops and classes aim to empower those who work in the adult entertainment industry to reclaim their rightful place as sacred healers, mystics and powerful beings that make life better for everyone. In these workshops and classes, transformative life changing skills are shared and space for healing is held. Amira believes often we just need to see each other doing it to know what self love looks like. She’s presented this and similar workshops at Creating Change’s Queering Racial Justice symposium in Detroit, MI in 2018, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence’s Color of Violence conference (themed “Beyond the State: Inciting Transformative Possibilities”) in Chicago, IL in 2016, the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI in 2016, the SASHA (Sexual Assault Services and Holistic Healing and Awareness) Center in Detroit, MI in 2016 and for Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault during their capacity building retreat for providers of sexual assault services in Atlanta, GA in 2016.

Contact me to invite me to present this community based workshop to your community.