Heaven On Earth Reiki

Spiritual Support For Adult Industry Healers



Heaven on earth Is a portal for shifting the culture of sexuality, spirituality and healing. My name is Amira Barakat Al-Baladi and I am the sacred stripper. I discovered my spiritual gifts while working in the adult entertainment industry and battling drug abuse, alcohol abuse, toxic relationships and sexual violence. I used crystals, tarot, reiki and more to heal and recover. Now I support others who follow the healing path with me. I provide spiritual healing services to adult industry workers and I train people with experience in the sex trade in holistic healing techniques they can use for healing themselves and others. My goal is to minimize the harm that sex workers and adult entertainers experience on the job, provide a supportive place for us to heal inside ourselves and together in community, and to recognize sex workers as sensitive, empathetic healers who have many spiritual gifts and contribute positively to the culture. Whether you’re in the industry or not, I appreciate your attention to this movement uplifting adult industry entertainers. Please enjoy my resources and offerings including classes, workshops and spiritual services designed specifically for sex therapy artists, sex workers, exotic entertainers, sensual healers and adult industry talent. 



this movement seeks to position adult entertainers as the authorities on sexual and spiritual healing. we live in a world where increasing legislation is levied against us, denying us our rights to make a living and even secure a bank account to pay our bills from; where what we do is becoming more socially acceptable because of the ongoing activism from our community, yet we are still stigmatized, vilified, and at an increased risk for violence; where psychiatric and spiritual healing professionals are able to position themselves as sexperts, surrogate partners, and sexual healers, yet we’re still seen as just whores; where when we experience violence or trauma there’s no safe place for us to go, and when we seek out spiritual healing we have to hide our occupations for fear of being judged. I create spaces for spiritual healing for us where we can support one another in community, where we can grow to become highly skilled spiritual healing practitioners, and where we can be respected and revered for the healing work that we’ve already been doing.



Teaching the first ever Reiki I & II Certification Class for Sex Workers in October 2018. This class equips sex workers with energy healing education that serves them in their current work and in accessing an alternative income stream in addition to being able to use the modality to heal themselves and their loved ones in multiple dimensions.


Co-facilitating 8 weeks of Group Therapy in 2018 with Stripper Witchin. This was a FREE private group video conference for sex workers only. In this group we vented, shared frustrations, supported and loved on one another. As a result we collectively are more accepting of ourselves, less judgemental and whorephobic to ourselves, and able to be ourselves and live our lives more freely.


Teaching Heaven On Earth: Holistic Healing For Hoes, a free workshop open to the general community designed to educate the public about the healing hoes provide, why hoes also need healing and how to heal ourselves using several different natural healing modalities including meditation, yoga, tapping or EFT, crystal therapy, tarot, friendship and creative expression. This workshop has been taught in private homes and conferences in Detroit, MI.


Writing and self-publishing Love Letter To A Pimp, an epic poem and true love story like you’ve never heard before with a surprise twist ending, available in zine form with a pull out poster in the centerfold. This poem takes you through the dramatic twists and turns associated with the fast life and flawlessly describes the trauma bond between pimps and hoes, effectively demystifying this aspect of our lives, educating outsiders and comforting those who know what it’s like with a story that’s rarely told but oh so familiar.


Hosting the first ever Reiki Masters Retreat in August 2019 in Clearwater, FL and certifying 3 sex workers as Heaven On Earth Reiki Initiators (our term for reiki masters) who can teach their own students and initiate friends, family, pets and loved ones as well. We relaxed in our 3 bedroom beach house just steps from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, ate good gluten free vegan food, started our days with green smoothies and ended our days creating, twerking, healing and relaxing, with studies and trainings in between. This was a transformative and beautiful experience.


“Sexual energy is personal energy. The cultivation of this energy is a gift of all who behold it.”

Amira Barakat Al-Baladi | Founder